Garage Doors and Maintenance: Keep Your Door in Great Shape

When I bought my first home, I knew I was going to have to start maintaining different parts of the home to keep everything functioning properly. However, what I did not realize was that the garage door was one of these things. I decided to create this website because I had no idea how much maintenance a garage door needed and what types of maintenance. If you aren't cleaning your garage door tracks, checking for loose screws or oiling the tracks on a bi-monthly basis, I hope my website teaches you how to do this maintenance and the importance of performing it.

Tips For Buying The Right Garage Door


There reaches a point in time when calling your usual garage door repair company is not enough to salvage the door. The door may have significant sagging, it may struggle to open, or it could just be crumbling to pieces. With materials like steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood to consider, how do you know what type of garage door you need?

Buying a Steel Garage Door

A steel garage door is a popular choice because it is more durable and secure than just about any other option. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can have steel garage doors designed to feature wood grained patterns to prevent them from looking like boring steel doors.

With a steel garage door, you do not have to worry about it warping, cracking, or falling apart because of the weather. They do not rust and they do not have to be repainted nearly as often as wooden garage doors do.

Buying an Aluminum and Fiberglass Garage Door

Fiberglass and aluminum doors have an aluminum frame and sections made out of fiberglass. Both the aluminum and the fiberglass are lightweight, which is what makes the door perform well.

Fiberglass and aluminum doors tend to be the least popular choice because they do not insulate very well. They also turn yellow as they get old and they can shatter when they get too cold.

You can, however, get a garage door made completely out of aluminum which is a more popular choice than fiberglass. Aluminum doors are lightweight and can be designed the same as steel doors thanks to technology advances. The problem with aluminum doors is how easily they dent.

Buying a Wood Garage Door

Wood garage doors are a popular choice because they have a natural look; and they are affordable. The downside to a wooden garage door is the increased demand for routine maintenance. Wood is a material that expands, contracts, warps, and cracks because of the weather. Every few years this just means you will need to repaint or refinish your door.

Wooden garage doors are appealing because they are easy to buy and transport to your home. In a lot of cases, the person who installs the garage door can just build it in your driveway. This means you could hire someone to custom build a wooden garage door and then install it afterwards.

As you explore wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel garage door, it helps to think about what will match the exterior of your home. Talk to a professional, like Zook Garage Door Services, for more ideas and options to fit your home. 


6 January 2015