Garage Doors and Maintenance: Keep Your Door in Great Shape

When I bought my first home, I knew I was going to have to start maintaining different parts of the home to keep everything functioning properly. However, what I did not realize was that the garage door was one of these things. I decided to create this website because I had no idea how much maintenance a garage door needed and what types of maintenance. If you aren't cleaning your garage door tracks, checking for loose screws or oiling the tracks on a bi-monthly basis, I hope my website teaches you how to do this maintenance and the importance of performing it.

Storage System For An Automatic Overhead Garage Door


Automatic overhead garage doors are preferred by homeowners that regularly park their vehicles inside their garage. These garage doors are made of horizontal panels on rollers that slide on tracks to open and close the garage door. These horizontal panels are fitted together with hinges on the top and bottom edge of each panel to allow the door to bend freely as it moves along the tracks when opening or closing. 

In order to maximize storage space in your garage, you can attach storage boxes to the inside of the horizontal panels of your automatic garage door. Here are some suggestions for designing and installing storage boxes:

  • Storage Box Materials - You can construct your overhead garage door storage boxes out of wood or heavy-duty plastic. Both types of boxes will work well as long as they can be closed to provide protection for the contents from the humidity and weather. You can purchase ready-made storage boxes or build them yourself. 
  • Storage Box Design - Overhead garage door storage boxes should have attached, self-closing lids that shut when not in use. You can use chest hinges, toy box lids, torsion hinges or any other type of appropriate hinge for your storage boxes. It is best to use concealed hinges to keep the working mechanism safe from corrosion and weather. You could also line each of your storage boxes with 1-inch foam padding to protect the contents of the boxes. 
  • Storage Box Installation - Garage door storage boxes are connected to your overhead garage door panels by hinges attached to the top edge of the lid of your storage boxes. These hinges allow the storage boxes to swing freely as the overhead garage door moves up and down the tracks that guide the movement of the garage door. These boxes can be constructed of any desired size as long as there are at least 12 inches of lateral space and at least 12 inches of vertical space between each storage box. Two to four of these storage boxes can be installed in a single horizontal row. Depending on the size and movement of your overhead garage door, you can install one to five rows of boxes. 
  • Check Your System - Since this project must be custom designed for each individual overhead garage door, it is a good idea to construct a full-size model of one of your storage boxes and temporarily attach it to your garage door.  You can make this model out of heavy-duty cardboard to test how it moves and travels when the door is in motion. Once you see that all your calculations and sizes are correct, you can build your boxes in your material of choice. 

Whether your overhead garage door opens and closes with an automatic eye or a remote control you can install garage door storage boxes on the inside of your garage door. These boxes can extend the storage space within your garage to hold many more possessions and equipment, and you can never have too much storage space. 

For more information, contact Jayton Door Corporation or a similar company.


2 November 2015