Garage Doors and Maintenance: Keep Your Door in Great Shape

When I bought my first home, I knew I was going to have to start maintaining different parts of the home to keep everything functioning properly. However, what I did not realize was that the garage door was one of these things. I decided to create this website because I had no idea how much maintenance a garage door needed and what types of maintenance. If you aren't cleaning your garage door tracks, checking for loose screws or oiling the tracks on a bi-monthly basis, I hope my website teaches you how to do this maintenance and the importance of performing it.

3 Common Garage Door Mistakes


The garage door attached to your home is a delicate system that should be well taken care of. This is important to ensuring that your garage door is safe to open and close and durable enough to prevent break ins. Taking care of your garage door in the right way is the best way to make sure that your garage door meets all these important standards. In order to take care of your garage in the best way, you will want to avoid these three common mistakes:

Ignoring Problems:

Once you hear strange noises when your garage door opens or closes, you should address it by hiring professional garage door inspectors for inspection. This is also true if your garage door makes any jerky movements. If you ignore these issues, it can lead to serious problems that are going to be highly expensive to fix. These issues usually indicate a problem with the springs. The springs are what hold up the weight of the garage door. If these have issues, it means that your garage door is not safe. Garage doors are heavy and if the springs cannot hold it up, it can either fall on your car, or worse, it can fall on someone walking under it. 

Making Repairs Yourself:

Like it has previously been addressed, garage doors are extremely heavy. The average person will not be able to hold up the garage door in order to make repairs. Professionals will have the right tools and knowledge to get the job done safely. The most you should do on your own is lubricate the track to keep the garage door opening and closing smoothly and replacing rollers or weather stripping once they become worn.

Not Having Regular Inspections:

Besides having inspections when you hear strange noises, you should also have regular inspections even when there doesn't appear to be a problem. Having an inspection at least once per year is going to ensure any issues that your garage door has is caught early. This is going to save you a great deal of money on repairs over time. Keep in mind that your garage door is used pretty much every day, so wear and tear is common and needs to be checked up on.

By knowing these three common mistakes when it comes to taking care of the garage door attached to your home, you can be sure that you avoid them and have a garage door that is safe and long lasting and affordable over time. Contact a business, such as DSI Door Services North Shore, for more information.   


26 February 2016