Garage Door Openers 101: 2 Considerations To Think About When Choosing A Good Opener


Automatic garage door openers provide your garage with safety and convenience. If you are thinking about installing a garage door opener, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with the choices available. Fortunately, you can make your buying decision a lot easier by taking these two key factors into consideration: 1. Opener Style There are four main types of garage door opener styles available: belt-drive, screw-drive, chain-drive, and computer controlled. Although each style will do the job, it's up to you to decide which style is best for your home.

18 July 2016

Preparing Your Garage For Garage Doors: What You Can Do


Getting new garage doors in your garage is an exciting experience. Whether you are replacing your existing doors or getting new garage doors installed for the first time, you want to create a safe and roomy environment for your garage door technician to work with. Here are things you can do to prepare your garage for new doors so you can help make installation as safe and smooth as possible.

23 June 2016

How To Control The Temperature Of Your Garage


Controlling the temperature of your garage can be both preventive maintenance as well as necessity depending on the situation. One thing is for sure; no one wants to smell the odor of mildew in any portion of their living environment. Since moisture is the homeowner's number one enemy in this process, it's best to gauge what your starting point should be with that in mind. If your garage floor area is concrete, moisture already has its entrance to wreak havoc on the climate as it will soak directly into the concrete itself.

5 April 2016

3 Common Garage Door Mistakes


The garage door attached to your home is a delicate system that should be well taken care of. This is important to ensuring that your garage door is safe to open and close and durable enough to prevent break ins. Taking care of your garage door in the right way is the best way to make sure that your garage door meets all these important standards. In order to take care of your garage in the best way, you will want to avoid these three common mistakes:

26 February 2016

Enhance And Protect A New Wooden Garage Door With Paint And Sealer


After having a new wooden garage door installed on your property, add a couple coats of exterior paint to its surface that will complement the color of your home. When finished, add a coat of clear wood sealer to the door's surface to prevent the paint from peeling and to protect the wood from damage that is often associated with moisture.  Use The Following Items: water hose soapy sponge drop cloths painter's tape exterior paint mixing stick plastic or metal paint tray paint roller roller frame thin paintbrush wood sealer Rinse The Door's Surface And Apply Two Coats Of Paint

26 January 2016

2 Potential Causes Of A Garage Door That Will Raise But Not Lower


An automatic garage door is a valuable addition to your home in times of poor weather. You can emerge from your car safe and warm inside your own home with the weather shut out behind you. Garage doors, like any other mechanical item, can experience issues that thwart full functionality. One potential problem is a garage door that rises normally but no longer lowers. There are a couple of potential causes for a garage door that will raise but not lower.

3 January 2016