Three Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe When The Garage Door Fails


If you have a garage door for your home, it may also include modern features like an opener and sensor. This can be a danger in your home when something breaks. There are other parts of garage doors that can be dangerous, such as a broken garage door spring, which is why you will want to know a few safety tips to keep your family safe. Here is some safety advice that you may want to consider when something goes wrong with your garage door:

30 November 2015

Storage System For An Automatic Overhead Garage Door


Automatic overhead garage doors are preferred by homeowners that regularly park their vehicles inside their garage. These garage doors are made of horizontal panels on rollers that slide on tracks to open and close the garage door. These horizontal panels are fitted together with hinges on the top and bottom edge of each panel to allow the door to bend freely as it moves along the tracks when opening or closing.

2 November 2015

3 Things To Prepare Yourself For A Hurricane


Hearing that a hurricane is coming through the area you live can be frightening. You worry about what you are going to do to protect your home and everything inside. While hurricanes aren't something that you can predict, they are something that you can plan ahead for and make sure you have taken all of the necessary precautions to ensure your property is fine. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your home for the upcoming hurricane season.

17 August 2015

Three Tips For Clearing Off Pieces Of Debris That Are In A Garage Door's Tension Spring


Without a large and strong tension spring, your garage door won't be able to automatically lift itself off of the ground. Since a garage door tension spring is one of the most vulnerable parts of a garage door system, it's something that's worth paying attention to. When you're seeking to improve the efficiency of your tension spring by clearing pieces of debris off of it, remember these three tips. Use A Small Pair Of Tweezers To Open One Part Of The Spring At A Time

26 June 2015

Garage Door Repair For Safety And Security


If your garage door has been showing signs of wear and tear or damage, it is worth it to have it looked at by a professional. Garage doors that malfunction can lead to safety issues. Here are four common garage door problems, and why they should be fixed immediately. 1. Door Not Closing All of the Way If your garage door has gotten off-kilter or won't shut properly all of the way, this can become a safety hazard as well as a security risk.

3 April 2015

Ideas For Giving Your Garage Door A Fresh Look


It can be tempting to think of garage doors as strictly utilitarian and ignore their appearance.  However, for many homes the garage door constitutes a large portion of the visible exterior of the property and has the potential to significantly impact its curb appeal for better or worse. This article will look at ways to increase the visual appeal of your garage without spending a fortune: Paint It You already know that a fresh coat of paint is like an instant make-over for interior parts of your house, but the same is true for your garage door.

23 March 2015

Methods for Making a More Eco-friendly Garage


Garages are hardly the most obvious place to focus your efforts on being eco-friendly, but there are a surprising number of new developments in this field if having a greener house is your aim. Here are some examples of ways to make your garage friendlier for the environment. Concrete Garage Floors For one thing, concrete is known for being effective at keeping out all moisture, as well as being difficult to damage.

9 March 2015

Repairing Minor Cracks In Your Wooden Garage Door


Over time, wooden garage doors will often develop small cracks as a result of exposure to moisture or fluctuating temperatures. While these cracks may not be large in size, they can have a large impact on the way your garage door looks. The good news is, repairing this damage can be much easier than you think. In fact, by simply following the step by step instructions below, you will be able to repair this damage yourself in just three easy steps.

2 March 2015

How To Install A Garage Door Opener When You Have An Access Door To The Garage Attic


Many large garages have an attic for storage--or what is commonly called a "mother-in-law" room. The access doors to these spaces are in the ceiling of your garage, putting it very close to, if not directly in the way of, your open garage door. If you plan on putting in an electric garage door opener but your access door to the garage attic is in the way, you have only a few solutions to remedy this situation.

10 February 2015

There Is Hope For Resurrecting That Old Garage Door Of Yours


Has your garage become a cluttered and messy area of your home that you no longer use? Some property owners stop using their garages as a result of the doors becoming broken. There are also some property owners who have garage doors that are outdated. These doors may not have the features of modern doors, and some people are not in a financial position to replace their garage doors with cosmetic or mechanical issues.

29 January 2015